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About Us

Enlead Consulting Services engages in success  coaching for individuals looking for growth in  their professional or personal lives. We follow a  step by step model while partnering in your  success. We also support companies through  training programs on Leadership, Teamwork,  Change Management and other behavioural  aspects. We believe that each individual is whole and complete, that he/she can  further utilize his/her potential to do great things in life. Your success is our mission. We will partner with you on a one to one basis  over a period of time in order to help you succeed.
Who is a Coach? If you were to ask different people what their  understanding of the term ‘coaching’ is, you  would get different answers such as training,  tutoring, teaching or instructing. However, in the  field of professional ‘solution based coaching’, it  has a deeper meaning. It involves partnering  with people to fully realize and maximize  their potential. This is done through a process  where they can discover their own insights and  solutions, while the coach supports them in  increased productivity, creativity and  effectiveness. Professional coaching is known to have shown  amazing results and has helped millions of  people worldwide. It is clearly the next big thing  in the area of people development.
Principle Coach / Trainer Samya Ahmed Profile About Us