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enLead Consulting Services

enLead Consulting Services is a professional success coaching &  training organization. We partner with individuals to help them  succeed in their professional and personal lives. No matter where you are, there is a desire for further growth,  creativity or a richer meaning to life. All highly successful people  have a coach/ mentor or guide who partners with them in realizing  their full potential. This is where we step in. We follow a systematic  solution-based coaching model, which uses powerful questioning  techniques to help you achieve your full potential in your career,  creative pursuits or relationships. We engage in one to one personalized coaching as well as group  trainings in the area of leadership, personal effectiveness and  collaboration.
What is success coaching? Solution-focused Coaching’ supports people in  moving  towards their own unique path in  achieving greater success in life in a creative  manner. Some questions people struggle with are: Which career path is best suited for me? How can I progress in my career?  Should I start my own business? How can  I start my own business?  Why am I not able to improve my  productivity? Why am I not able to stick to my diet plan?  What do I need to do to achieve what I  want?  How can I improve my relationship with my  spouse/children? Am I a good parent? How can I be better?  How can I better manage my time?  How can I have a better work/life balance?  High aspiring individuals, athletes, musicians,  writers know they get best results with a coach  who can help them review aims, set directions,  clarify and specify steps. Which is why these  individuals partner with a coach.